State Life Insurance
State Life is an only insurance company which is governed by Government of Pakistan.
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State Life Insurance

The State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan, commonly known as State Life or SLIC, is the largest life insurance company of Pakistan. It maintains an agency network of around 200,000 sales personnel and is one of the largest companies in Pakistan by assets. Although the major function of SLIC is to carry out life insurance business, it is also involved in other business activities such as investment of policyholders’ fund in government securities, stock market and real estate.


Our focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Saving Your Future

State Life Insurance is mainly working on your future because planing plays important role in life

Secure your Assest

State Life Insurance is governed by the Ministry of Commerce To secure your assets is our first priority.

Best Investment

State Life Insurance tells you the right way to invest your money and taking it because Its the assets of your tomorrow.

Making you Saver

State Life Insurance Saves your money for the time indeed because saving is the tree of your own.

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Our team.

State Life has the strong team and management.
Dur Muhammad Baladi

Regional Chief


Zonal Head


Sector Head


Area Manager

salman i

Sales Manager


Projects Completed


Satisfied Clients


Positive Feedbacks


Some Policies in detail

We understand your requirements and let you customize your wish:

Endowment Plan

It’s a safest and surest method of guaranteed cash provision either at a specified time or at death (Allah forbid). Under these policies, the sum insured plus bonuses are payable at the end of the specified number of years or at death of the life insured if earlier. 


Child Education Plan

This plan is for the protection of child’s future. It provides a lump sum benefit for the child at the completion of the policy term. On completion of term of the policy, full sum insured together with the accrued bonuses become payable to the policyholder.


Jewan Sathi Plan

This is a joint life plan and covers lives of two partners say husband and wife simultaneously. Premiums are payable till the end of the specified term or till death of either of the insured persons.


Shad Abad Plan

On completion of term of policy, sum insured plus bonuses attached to the policy are payable. However, on death during the policy term, the death benefit consists of double of sum insured with accrued bonuses. Incase of death due to accident, the death benefit consists of four times the sum insured plus bonuses.


Some Major Plan For You.

Following are the some famous investment plan.

Saving Plan 1

2,000 Monthly
  • Annual RS 24000
  • Sum Assured 20 years 4,80,000
  • Expected Retrun After 20 years 24,00,000

Saving Plan 2

5,000 Monthly
  • Annual RS 60,000
  • Sum Assured 20 years 12,00,000
  • Expected Retrun After 20 years 60,00,000

Saving Plan 3

10,000 Monthly
  • Annual RS 1,20,00
  • Sum Assured 20 years 4,80,000
  • Expected Retrun After 20 years 1,20,00,000

Why Select Us?

Some Main Points Of State Life That Why You Select Us.
Governed by the Govt
Of Pakistan

State Life Insurance is only an Insurance company which is governed by Government Of Pakistan.

Every Year Bonus increment.

State Life has the record in all insurance companies that it has major increment then all other companies.

Trusted and oldest insurance company.

Majority of insured rate is from State Life because State Life always gives the benefits to there clients then others.   

State Life is recognized with Islamic way.

State Life invest the money in complete Islamic way as we have the certification for the right investment.

We always Secure your investment.

We secure your investment ,invest in a right way and take deliver your final maturity on the time.

More Benefits then to clients then others.

State Life is only a company which give largest benefits to the clients then others.

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